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Quickscan™ ID Scanning

Introducing a secure and hassle-free way of collecting information!The best way to get a fast and accurate rental history report for any potential renter is to provide Rental History Reports with an accurate set of personal information. Now you can do so quickly and safely with our Driver's License and Credit Card Scanner!

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  • Save Time – Save valuable time by eliminating the redundancy of manually typing in a paper application - just scan your applicant's driver's license and retrieve their information automatically!
  • More Accurate – No more worries about an applicant providing you with inaccurate information, such as a nickname. By scanning the information directly, you get 100% accurate information.
  • Fraud Deterrent – Once you get in the habit of telling each applicant that you need to scan their ID into your screening service you'll be surprised at how many dishonest applicants will simply choose not to apply.
  • Scans Credit Cards – Our dual-action scanner not only has the ability to scan driver's licenses, but also credit cards. This means you can now process Visa, Mastercard and American Express payments!**

**Note: Our system is already set up to accept credit card payment for the app fee even if you are not set up to accept credit card payments for other things like rent, etc. It even automatically generates a receipt!

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