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Our relationship and commitment to RHR is above the rest! Their knowledge in both the employment and resident screening process is unmatched & their expertise is respected & requested throughout the multi-housing industry. The response time to our needs is immediate and we are always treated as their #1 priority.

Renee Retterath
Sand Property Management, LLC

Our reports are great, the level of customer service is phenomenal and I would highly recommend RHR to anyone looking for a quality background screening company!

Uppal Group

I have used RHR as the screening company for the properties I manage. Julie is the one that handles all of my questions and does a fabulous job. She has always been there to guide the way in whatever it is that I need. I would recommend anyone that is in the business of property management to RHR and for Julie to become their representative.

Jessie, Resident Manager
RC Enterprises

Great products and service! It's kind of amazing to me that RHR can come up with that information so quickly! I always refer RHR to anyone that asks me about background screening!

Nationwide Housing

Your staff is wonderful and I continuously receive OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Everyone I have spoken to at RHR, has always been extremely helpful. I know how busy everyone is and I so appreciate the time that your staff takes to help me. Thank you so much!

Creek Point

After working with several other screening companies RHR has proven time and again to be the best. Not only is the programming easy and understandable but the staff has been extraordinarily helpful and quick with response times. Being able to get clean screening information makes it easy for our staff to make (unemotional) site decisions really making this part of the business a no brainer. Love it guys! Keep up the good work!

Jenna M.
TAB Properties

We have been using Rental History Reports for about 4 years. What a lifesaver! Fast & efficient. Based on the information provided by Rental History Reports we have kept our eviction rate below 1%!

Mark Brattvet
Home Rental Systems

We've been with RHR for close to ten years; they perform criminal and background checks on all our prospective residents and soon, they will be handling all our employment screening. RHR is kind of growing with us, in a sense. For example, we'll say, "I wish we could use this category...I wish we knew how to track where our applicants are coming from..." and in response, RHR will propose a new innovation or a new development. They're always listening to us...always accommodating us and responding to our needs.

It seems to me that RHR is one step ahead of the game. RHR is in tune with industries and with specific companies - they understand you and they understand the context that you're working in. At one time, we only did statewide checks and it is with RHR that we expanded our searches. At one time, we had to select individual reports prior to entering the relevant information; with RHR, we have enhanced our reporting system and cut out a lot of those steps. RHR isn't afraid of things changing; actually, they seem to really embrace change – they see it as an opportunity to be innovative.

As a company, we try to put ourselves in our resident applicants' shoes. We're not just moving them into an apartment; we are moving them into a home. We are able to accommodate our resident applicants because RHR is sensitive to our needs. They are there, doing the proper screening, helping us get our residents the homes they want.

In all the years I've been calling RHR, I've never talked to someone who sounded like they were having a bad day...everyone I've ever spoken to there has been totally willing to help me. Anytime there's ever been an inconsistency between a report and an application, RHR has followed up and pursued the explanation. They explore every option, they offer suggestions and alternatives... they take the time to answer your questions fully and accurately.

Anita Hall
Lloyd Management

RHR does an incredible amount of work for us. They handle all of our employment application screening and our prospective resident application processing. They not only provide our screening service, they also focus on research and development and we continue to reap the benefits of that.

RHR is a real innovator in their industry. It's interesting to reflect back on how much time it used to take to process our rental and employment applications. With web-based processing and reporting through RHR, we can receive information as it happens.

We're continually impressed with RHR. They're thorough, they're fast and they continue to provide quality service. Our RHR representative is absolutely terrific – very hands on and very active within our company. He has spoken at our meetings and has been involved with our data privacy task force...he goes above and beyond, every time. Again, with RHR it's not just one service one time. It's a relationship that continues to evolve.

Deb Dammen
Steven Scott Management, Inc.

Towers began using RHR approximately (2) years ago. Previously we had processed applications in house. Since I gave out all rental references, I was asked for my recommendation. I had spoken to Tony previously and had heard him speak at MHA and IREM functions and crime free training. Impressed with his product knowledge and how he handled questions from the audience. RHR was my recommendation. We met Tony and finalized the deal. We could see immediately that the criminal info we received was far superior to want we had been getting. We had a few, very few, concerns. Tony listened, made the necessary adjustments and we have been very satisfied with the service and quality. We are not looking to make any changes to our screening service. Job well done!

Wes Bennerotte, CPM
Towers Management Company, LLC

I am writing to express my appreciation for the services RHR provides to me and my employer, Stuart Management Corporation.

Stuart Management Corporation has been a customer of RHR for many years. Many of the properties in our portfolio are utilizing your service to assist them with processing their Application for Apartment Occupancy Agreements. I and other members of our human resources team order pre-employment criminal background checks as well. I really appreciate your website's ease of use. The revisions recently made to the data entry form make it a snap to fill out and submit! I also appreciate receiving the email notification when the reports are complete, which is typically within 36 hours or less for the BCA, 87-county area, and any out of state reports, when applicable. If ever I do not understand something on a report, I can call or email and my question is answered promptly by an RHR representative who is familiar with my account.

For anyone looking to save time, money, and worry when screening potential employees, I highly recommend Rental History Reports. It's terrific!

Sandy Garbrecht
Stuart Management Corporation

We have been nothing but satisfied with RHR / TE since we became customers in 2010. In the time frame that we have been set up we have experienced quality reports with very, very quick turnaround time.

Sandy Hunter
St Cloud HRA

I use both Trusted Employees and Rental History Reports and their services go above and beyond my expectations. They have a very quick turn around and are fairly priced.

Terry Kaiser
Mortgage Temps

I have been using RHR services for over 10 years in my leasing business and I am most satisfied with the accurate, quick turn around and consistent excellence in customer service. They stay ahead of my needs offering updated products and services at affordable and competitive rates. RHR is a trusted business partner and they help my business to run more efficiently.

Kerry McCabe, Broker/Owner
Dream Home Living

I manage 600 apartment homes and my life is a lot easier because of RHR! I first met our RHR representative in 2000 and we have had a great rapport ever since. First and foremost, he keeps track of my concerns and suggestions. We will get together for a meeting and he will suddenly ask me about something we discussed the last time we met. You know when you are presenting a concern or an idea that he is listening, and that he will respond promptly and follow up. RHR has been listening to us for a long time now and over the years, they have come through with some major improvements and advancements that have been an asset to our applicant screening.

Our success depends on RHR and they take their commitment with us very seriously. I am not going to have someone walk out the door and find another apartment property that has immediate answers to their questions. RHR is prompt and thorough; they give me accurate answers quickly, so that I can turn around and give residents the information that they need and want.

In today's global environment, the need for screening groups is crucial; but not all screening companies are the same, which is something I learned the hard way! Some time ago, another screening company was vying for our business. I have a very open relationship with our RHR representative and he actually encouraged me to try them out. Right away, there were problems and ultimately, RHR was there to put everything back on course and produce the results that I needed. This was a company that in spite of great reviews, just did not meet our specific needs. RHR has a great reputation and they live up to it.

TJ Markus-Bazoff
Ted Glasrud Associates, Inc.

We are so incredibly happy we switched our background screening vendor to RHR! Our experience with RHR is wonderful, the reports are thorough and the customer service is great. We really enjoy working with your company.

Alvina D, Property Manager
H and M Properties

It is a pleasure to speak of RHR’s professionalism and excellent customer service! Rental History Reports are leaders in the screening field.

Tony Karel’s knowledge and expertise was clearly recognizable when we revisited our screening criteria. His perspective was relevant, pertinent and very much appreciated. His ability to troubleshoot and brainstorm truly assisted in the development of a screening process that works for us!

Julie Mackenroth, along with the entire team at RHR, is quick to respond and welcomes our questions and concerns. I applaud the RHR team!

Michelle Bonine, Director of Property Management
Boisclair Corporation

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