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Tony Karels

Business Development

TonyK@RentalHistoryReports.com | 952.259.3022 – Direct | 952.259.3032 – Fax

Tony has been with Rental History Reports since 1998 and currently manages our Multi-Housing Division. His career path has taken some exciting turns over the years, and we have undoubtedly benefited from his ingenuity and inexhaustible ambition since day one.  In 1993, Tony graduated from the University of Minnesota's Business Management program, at which point he started seeking out the organizational experience that would direct his educational expertise.

Tony is currently involved with a number of associations, including several chapters of the National Apartment Association (NAA), the Manufactured Housing Association (MMHA), and Real Estate Investors Associations (REIA). He is also involved with the National Association of Housing & Redevelopment Organizations (NAHRO).  Tony has served on the MHA Board of Directors, which facilitates the continual process of connecting industry standards to member, resident and community needs.

Tony notoriously extends himself beyond the workplace walls and is widely regarded as an expert in his field. He has testified at various legislative hearings related to applicant screening and assisted municipalities across Minnesota with the development and implementation of screening programs. Tony maintains an active level of community and organizational involvement as a guest speaker, making regular appearances at Crime-Free Multi-Housing Coalition reviews, resident education and improvement seminars; as well as industry conferences, such as those hosted by the MHA, MHFA and NAHRO.

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