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Perpetual Criminal Monitoring

For a period of 1-year from the date of application, Rental History Reports performs a monthly search of all new criminal convictions to insure that your resident hasn't violated your criminal guidelines during their lease.

These criminal records are cross-checked and compared to your existing residents to see if an individual with a new criminal record is residing on your property. If we find a match, you are notified of the information via fax or email.

  • Current – While background checks are an invaluable pre-leasing tool, they only look at historical information of your rental applicant. Using our ongoing monitoring service allows you to know if your residents have any criminal convictions on a perpetual basis.
  • Compliance – Many properties participate in crime-free / drug-free programs to obtain favorable annual licensing fees. Using our tool insures that you are in compliance with these programs.
  • Safety – Nothing lets your residents know that you take safety seriously than to inform them that you monitor your community regularly for criminal activity.
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