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Criteria StopSign™ Coding

Introducing an easy way to save time and money on your screenings! Rental History Reports's exclusive StopSigns™ give you the opportunity to customize the screening process according to the criteria you set. Findings that fall outside of your pre-determined parameters will stop the report, saving you both time and money.

  • Speeds Delivery of Report – Most StopSigns™ are database driven which we capture right away so if we hit a criteria violation it typically happens within seconds or minutes. This allows you to put the unit back on the market quickly if the applicant doesn't qualify.
  • Reduced Report Cost – Using this service allows you to only pay for the portion of the background check that we processed.
  • Adherence to Criteria – When we program a report to automatically stop when a criteria violation is found, you don't have to worry about whether or not your site staff is consistently adhering to the corporate parameters that have been established.
  • Fair Housing Compliance – Using our StopSigns™ is completely compliant under Fair Housing guidelines. Each candidate is run exactly the same, and only those applicants that don't qualify under the written selection criteria are stopped.
Image - Criteria StopSign™ Coding
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