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Landlord / Rental Reference Verification

Current and former rental owners/managers will be contacted to verify dates of residency, rental performance, lease violations, late payments, and any other relevant rental information.

Unlike many applicant screening agencies that rely on databases that aren't regularly updated, RHR goes to the direct data source in all areas where primary records are available.

Sample Report:

Address References
The following records represent an applicant's current and previous rental history based on verification performed by Rental History Reports.
Only data fields that have been verified by Rental History Reports are displayed.

1. Address: 2717 KENTUCKY COURTS 11 Move In: 09/01/2011
  City/State/Zip: MARIETTA, GA 30064 Move Out: 09/30/2013
  Owner/Contact: KENTUCKY COURT APTS / AUDREY / MANAGER Rent Amount: $805.00
  Proper Notice: YES Lease Term: WRITTEN MONTH TO MONTH
  Violation: NO Pymt History: LATE, 3 X
  Would Rent Again: WOULD NOT RENT AGAIN Money Owed: OWES $1300.00
  Roommates: 1    

Address References

Negative information will highlight in red indicating closer review is necessary.

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