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Over the years, we have extended the breadth of our services in response to what we feel is our essential challenge as a leading screening company: to provide screening solutions that are rigorous and dependable, for companies and communities that are changing everyday.

Educated Decisions Made Easy

The tenant screening industry has witnessed a lot of change over the years, and Rental History Reports has certainly evolved as a company since its inception in 1994. The scope of the industry has been significantly shaped by rapidly advancing technology, by the world-flattening implications of globalization, and certainly by trends and events that have heightened our collective risk-awareness.

Now we can do more, better and faster. The drawback here, of course, is the relationship between opportunity and vulnerability; convenience and error.  Rental History Reports is constantly reinvesting in new ways to enhance opportunity by reducing risk.

Rental History Reports combines critical information with computer technology to maximize the effectiveness of your screening efforts. Most important, we put you on the path towards finding the right person.  From credit and criminal searches to verification of employment & rental background checks, an effective resident screening report reveals important information about an applicant's previous experience and behavior that is critical to a good decision.  Just a sampling of our core product offerings includes:

We have been nothing but satisfied with RHR / TE since we became customers in 2010. In the time frame that we have been set up we have experienced quality reports with very, very quick turnaround time.

Sandy Hunter
St Cloud HRA

Benefits of an effective screening program:

  • Improved productivity by filling vacancies faster.
  • Reduced legal exposure through ensuring your units are occupied by law-abiding tenants.
  • Increased long-term landlord-tenant relationships with better qualified renters.
  • Saves screening time through fast, web-based access and report retrieval.

Rental History Reports offers a complete range of tenant screening products. Web-based ordering and retrieval puts you in control. Easy to order, real-time tracking and simple to understand reports make Rental History Reports the right path to the right person.

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