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How We Are Different

RHR is different than other resident screening companies. We offer a wide variety of screening products, the most affordable price packages in the market, and we are easy to do business with. Just a few examples of how we differ include:

Two types of information

  • Database information from either national or state sources. Examples: credit reports, national and state criminal data.
  • Direct-to-source professional research via call center staff. Example: salary verifications and rental references.

Flexible information delivery

  • National companies typically provide information via the internet only. Local suppliers may offer only traditional paper reporting systems. RHR provides both - the speed and interaction of web-based access and the flexibility of other delivery methods upon request.
  • This flexibility is designed so that your experience with RHR is the best possible! If you have questions along the way, a Customer Service Representative is available to assist you!

Affordable price packages to optimize your screening investment

  • We don't charge an additional fee for AKA/alias searches.*
  • We have packages that include unlimited out-of-state criminal searches.*
  • Criteria StopSigns™ provide a discount on reports that stop because of a criteria violation.
  • Bottom line – no hidden fees – you can trust that you know what you're paying.


  • Instant access to credit, criminal database records, OFAC, Fraud, Eviction, Sex Offender.
  • Same day turnaround on county level criminal investigations.
  • 2-3 points of contact attempts per day on references.


  • 8 step verification of SSN.
  • Verification of all alias / AKA's.
  • 3 tiered operations structure (researchers, processors, and proofers).

*In certain areas only.

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