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Apply Now and Invite Renter

Allow your potential rental applicants to apply and pay online from the comfort of their own home!

Cut out the hassles associated with the rental application process with Apply Now™ and Invite Renter™! With our convenient online application services, you can integrate online applications and payments into your own website, with no advanced programming knowledge necessary! It's easy, it's fast, and it's FREE!

For the property manager
  • More Accurate and Efficient
    By having applicants fill out their own application online, you don't have to handle entering in all their information. Plus, our easy online process ensures ALL of an applicants information is entered. No more chasing them down for additional information.
  • No Bad Checks
    Applicants pay for their application online with a credit or debit card, ensuring their payment clears at the time of the application.
  • Profitable
    Our process allows for you to upcharge the amount a renter pays for the application above and beyond our small screening fee. We will process your desired fee, and send you a check for your profit!*
    *Minus credit card processing fees.
  • Co-Branded Website
    Our application website will be co-branded with your logo, ensuring applicants are never confused as to what they are applying for.
For the renter
  • Convenient
    Potential renters no longer need to take the time to fill out paperwork in the rental office. They can fill our their application online at their convenience.
  • Online Payments
    No more writing out checks, or waiting for the mail to deliver their payments. Applicants can pay via credit or debit cards online.
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