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Employment Verification

Many aspects of the tenant background screening process rely on internet-fast database searching, which yields hard data and cross-referenced documentation.

RHR enhances the value of its web-based findings by combining records research with direct-to-source investigation.

An employment check involves direct communication with an applicant's employer(s) and seeks to confirm the content of his/her tenant application. Questions that guide an employment verification interview fall into basic categories, including:

  • Position(s) held by applicant.
  • Applicant's current salary.
  • Date(s) and duration of employment.

RHR extends its screening versatility to its client correspondence and reporting methodology.  We consolidate all our research – primary and secondary; web-based and archive-based – into a comprehensive report that you can access, monitor and update on-line, in real time.  We provide you with hard copy reports at your request.

Sample Report:

Employment Verification
The following records represent an applicant's current income and employment status based on verification performed by Rental History Reports. Where an employer charges a fee to provide employment verification, Rental History Reports will not pursue the verification unless the client authorizes adding the fee to the report cost. Only data fields that have been verified by Rental History Reports are displayed.

1. Previous Employer: CRAWFORD LAW Hours Per Week: 40
  Position: CLERICAL Start Date: 11/07/2011
  Verified By/Title: JANE CRAWFORD/ PAYROLL End Date: 08/27/2012
  Phone: 651-555-4001 Salary: $13.00/HOUR
  Fax: 651-555-9377    

Employment Verification

Current and prior employment can be verified including position and salary information.

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