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A research methodology that blends old and new is an absolute must where sensitive background and legal information is concerned.  Rental History Reports provides clients with both database and direct-to-source information. Our professional research team utilizes both web-based and traditional resources to reconstruct partial timelines, define elusive areas, and create a report that reveals a complete sequence of events.

Professional research of the most relevant sources

Thorough cross-reference of multiple databases

Comprehensive breakdown of the total narrative


A reporting methodology that combines the approaches of local and national suppliers is not a must, but it’s our way of ensuring flexible, fluid and interactive correspondence with our clients. Rental History Reports conveys information to its clients by way of real-time, web-based reporting, as well as via traditional paper reporting systems. We are adaptable to employing other delivery methods upon request and we are committed, to simply doing what we do, the best way possible for you.

We maintain a constant dialogue:

When you ask us a question, expect your answer within seconds.

We provide real-time, web-based reports:

Easily access the screening report and monitor its progress from any location.


The nature of the screening industry demands our strictest commitment to meeting and exceeding legal, ethical and security standards. Rental History Reports is compelled, by the very definition of its purpose, to continually examine and refine its own practices – to continually screen itself, in a sense.

All our processes and products meet the federal legislative standards set by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Housing Act, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and the Federal Trade Commission.

We treat all sensitive material with the highest level of available encryption. All paper documents, including application forms, are shredded daily.  All computerized information is securely stored on digitally locked electronic backups.

We take significant measures to protect private data.  We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer any personally identifiable information that is shared with us.

The basis of our company is the trust of our clients, and we believe in earning that trust everyday by doing business well.

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