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Safeguard™ Property Protection Package

Introducing the most comprehensive 4 stage process to protect you from renting to the wrong applicant:


Previous Rejections – Safeguard checks to see if an applicant that you submit for a background check has previously applied and been rejected at another property within your management company.

If so, you receive a message that indicates which property the applicant applied for, the property's phone number and the date on which they applied. Processing of the background search is stopped costing you nothing unless you override.


Previous Violations – Safeguard will also check to see if an applicant ever previously resided at another property within your company's portfolio. If that applicant had lease violations, left owing money, or had any other derogatory reference - a similar message is generated prior to processing the new application.

These first two stages of Safeguard are programs that you control, as their functionality is based upon your site decisions and the Exit Referral buttons currently found on our website.


Monthly Searches – Safeguard performs a monthly search of all new criminal convictions from the MN B.C.A. statewide repository. These criminal records are cross-checked and compared to your existing residents to see if an individual with a new criminal record is residing on your property. If we find a match, you are notified of the information via fax or email.


No Cost Renewals – Upon lease renewal and/or moving someone from a waiting list to lease consideration, RHR will re-run the criminal background and eviction search at no cost on your existing resident prior to you executing the lease.

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