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Management Software Integration

Automatically export your applicant information from your software to us!

Rental History Reports has created vertically integrated partnerships with some of the largest management software, collections, and web portal providers in the country. Applicant information is easily and automatically exported from your software program using a vendor plug-in.

Benefits Include:

  • Convenience – Using this integration allows your site staff to eliminate the manual data entry into our website, thus saving valuable time
  • Accuracy – Removing the additional key stroking from one system to another not only saves time, but also improves accuracy.
  • Streamlined – Our partnerships provide a streamlined approach to all of your leasing tools from just one interface. This means fewer passwords to remember, fewer systems to learn, and greater access to information in a shorter time.
  • Industry Leaders – The companies we have partnered with are some of the largest and most respected and most respected providers in the country. In addition, we continue to add additional partners to fill the needs of our customers.
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